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Traditional Wooden Snowshoes, Alaskan

Model #:   352
Product Name:   Traditional Wooden Snowshoes, Alaskan
Availability:  In Stock

Retail Price (USD):$310.99

Sale Price:$306.99
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Alaskan Traditional Wood Snowshoe features a pointed tail, efficient gradual curve design with raised rounded toe and strong tubular nylon lacing. Designed to last, these wooden snow shoes are coated with extra durable finish to protect the frame for day trips and expeditions through fresh snow for many years. Alaskan snowshoes come with your choice of the Modified H or Super A binding. The Mountain H binding is available as an upgrade option. Please allow up to 2 weeks on snowshoe kits, and 4-6 weeks on completed snowshoes. See below for available size options.

Country Ways has been the providing traditional wooden snowshoes, furniture and accessories for more than thirty years. Manufactured in the USA with components made in the USA and Canada, these handsome snowshoes have a vintage appearance combined with many modern materials and construction upgrades that rival the synthetic alternatives in weight and performance.

• Country Ways Alaskan Snowshoe Intended Use: Recreation Hiking, Off Trail Hiking, Backpacking through heavy snow
• Overall Length: 56 inches to 60 inches
• Overall Width: 10 inches to 12 inches
• Weight:
• Frame Color: Natural Varnish
• Weight Capacity: 260 pounds and up
• Construction: 700 plus square inches of unequalled floatation. Solid wood frames that are quiet and provide full length traction. Hand laced and urethane coated tubular nylon lacing providing a strong, light and durable decking surface that won't sag or stretch. Average overall weight runs about 6 ounces heavier than synthetic models per pair, yet for that you get up to 75% more flotation making your trek much easier, safer and more enjoyable.
• Binding: The Modified H binding is constructed from neoprene providing a strong always flexible binding that will not decay. The Super A binding is a harness style made from coated polyester combined with a neoprene heal strap and nylon boot strap that easily adjusts to different boot sizes. The Mountain H Optional binding combines the Modified H binding with an additional neoprene toe flap.
• Style: Men's, Women's
• Warranty: Manufacturers One Year Limited Warranty

Alaskan Style snow shoe is available in two sizes:
• 10 inch x 56 inch, 260 pound capacity, 700 square inch floatation area
• 12 inch x 60 inch, 300 pound capacity, 872 square inch floatation area

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